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Major Brand

With a long tradition, “Wang” is a representative brand of Samjin,
supplying the best quality Korean foods at reasonable price.
Now, it continues its fame to be the best Asian food brand.



Major Brand

Coming from the world for King’s dinner in korea, Surasang represents
foods made with the most sincere and finest ingredients.
It pursues premium Korean food with superior nutrition and taste.



Major Brand

“SUKINA” brand is representing a variety of Japanese food materials
that anyone can enjoy easily, targeting Japanese markets.



Major Brand

Specialized brand of high quality Korean noodles.



Major Brand

Processed food brand that you can easily enjoy sweet desserts.



Major Brand

Specialized in dumplings, it is a brand that make filling for
dumplings with fresh ingredients in a hygienic environment.

A food company that produces best well-known instant noodle named "Shin Ramyun" and "Shrimp Crackers" & "Onion Ring" as snacks.
Produces and sells confectionaries such as biscuits, wafers, snacks, pies, chocolates, sweets, and gums, as well as cheese cakes.
As a one of CJ Brand, wants to be a Korean Kitchens and dining tables company produces sugar, flour, ham, cooking oil, oligo sacch arides.
Leading food snack company and distributor with excellent taste and high quality. Bravo Cone series are the best selling items.
"Chungjungwon" was used for the first time in May 1996 Jean gravy product status has been improved since 1998 as the target of a brand family has been receiving a steady love our customers far as the destination of the representative brand.
A manufacturer and distributor of food products such as powdered products, seasoning products, cereal processed foods, farm processed foods, noodles, ramen and so on.
As a leader of soy sauce market, produces soybean-based products, hot pepper paste, noodles, vinegar, oil and other seasonings, canned fish and teas.
As a Producer and exporter of ice cream "Together", spoonable yogurt "Yoplait", "Banana Flavored Milk, and the legendary or world beating popsicle "MELONA".
Manufacturing, selling and engaging in distributions of food produts such as tea, coffee, honey, and canned fruits.
As a eading instant Noodle Maker and Exporter produces Ramen and Snacks in the name of "Samyang".
As a trusted food manufacturer to prodcuce the best ice cream, oils, processed meat and dairy products, continuing commitments to improving our level of quality and safety.
As a confectioner, sales are skyrockeing in Chinese market and Choco Pies is the best selling products under the name of "Good Friend".



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